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Our portfolio management team has over 70 years of combined  investment experience; we have an understanding of risk, investment behavior,  and emotion.  Our investment portfolios are managed by an experienced team of portfolio  managers who follow an investment philosophy with a disciplined and long term approach. 


Our investment approach is a long term perspective, forged over time, through experience in seeing upward and downward market cycles, understanding that rewards are gained over  time.  Our objective is to design and structure  portfolios that may help to reduce volatility, helping our investors maintain their  investment program.

Our mission is to help our investors and our community. Our mission statement is built on experience.  We simply treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.  Our portfolio management style is a low turnover approach with a long term perspective.

Our philosophy is a disciplined investment management style with a long term perspective. We are a registered investment advisory (RIA), a fiduciary, working for a fee based up assets under management. 


Our discipline is a long term low turn-over approach.  Our DIRT approach is part of our process and  it is designed to help our clients and ourselves to focus on the long run and not short term trading or trends.

Discipline and Diversificiation

A disciplined approach that may reduce human emotion and lowers stress, by focusing on the long term objective over a long term horizon, in excess of many years.


Incremental Investing

Reallocation and re-balancing of  investments using a systematic approach over a long period of time.


Risk Adjusted Rates of Return

Manager selection;  tactical asset allocation accompanied by selective stock or fund investment.  


Tempering Emotions and Expectations

During periods of fear or greed.

Our Philosophy is in the "DIRT"

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