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Cristata Investment Management is a registered investment advisory firm (RIA).  Our company has a team of seasoned investment portfolio managers and is a fee only advisor.  We manage investment portfolios, seeking competitive rates of return in looking at long term market cycles.  We understand the challenges of investment, realizing that decisions can be emotionally driven by fear or greed.  We invest our client's money with a long term perspective that is specific to their investment needs.


We help clients to manage their investment expectations, and maintain their investment program during challenging or volatile market periods.  Our company has a philosophy, mission, and purpose to help clients achieve their investment goals.  We keep it simple, clear, structured, and disciplined.


Simplicity and understanding are imperative with an investment plan and approach.   Personal finance is customized according to your needs through our financial technology analytical tools.   We offer personal finance tools to assist you in your planning and decision making. as you transition in life.  

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